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Method Creative

Method Creative brings concepts to life. We make you relevant to your customers through rich, immersive visual communications, creative problem solving, and new media platforms coming together through a coherent strategy turning your brand into your customer’s friend.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who thrive on finding better ways to create great work. We are active consumers who continually seek out a wide array of stimulus that ultimately lead to key insights and progressive ideas. We are curious and adventurous. We are creative thinkers motivated by innovation. We want to push companies to new realms of potential. Our daily pursuit is to exceed your expectations in terms of thinking, initiative and exceptional customer service.

What We Do


We are Creative All about problem solving

From layout challenges to opening doors on ideas and concepts your brand has never explored we are the creative Sherpa that will get you there.


We are Strategic Thinking five steps ahead

We think laterally, intuitively and strategically at 10,000, 1,000 and 10 feet to make sense of a problem by proposing focused solutions.


We are Method The new approach to creative services

We embrace ambiguity and seek opportunity to use models and other forms of making to tame chaos and create order.

Satisfied clients

Completed Projects

Years Experience


What we do


Method leads creative SWAT teams that allow us to easily adapt to our clients’ diverse needs, both large and small. We don’t compartmentalize our creative services; we let the work speak for itself. We experiment in ideas and have overseen projects ranging from national press campaigns to new product ideas.


Peeling back the layers to find the unmet needs that no other brand is addressing.


Where the brand and vision collide to produce the road map of positive growth.

Advertising & Marketing

Taking the brand and strategy together getting creative to telling your story.

Concept Development

Following the strategy towards unexplored ideas and creative directions.

Creative Leadership

Listening to your customer’s and brand’s needs to develop creative solutions.

Graphic Design

Driving the brand and strategy into visual solutions connecting with your customer.

This is our

Creative Process

In order to become a trusted friend of your customer, you need to create an ever-moving engagement loop. Your customer needs to notice you; through communication, experience, or both, they need to feel something about you; when they have a feeling, the will then believe in you; they now notice you more and the cycle repeats. Our goal is to make this interaction positive and lasting.

Ignite the ideas
Nurture the ideas
Craft the idea
Launch the idea

% Creative

% Strategy

% Design

% Luck

Meet the founder

Jeff Mann

Jeff is a proven startup leader with extensive experience in digital spaces conceptualizing, developing, and executing market-leading programs for innovative companies. He has a passion for understanding consumer challenges and designing amazing experiences to solve them.

A designer by trade, entrepreneur by passion, Jeff has experienced both agency and client creative departments, three startups and a not-for-profit. He's produced standout creative work across both print and digital on accounts such as Coors Light, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz & CIBC and was the inaugural Creative Director at Virgin Mobile, leading visual brand design and campaign development for Virgin’s Canadian debut. Named Youth Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 for his 2nd start-up, Method Creative Studios, he followed it up with his 3rd entrepreneurial venture, RenderLife.com. Jeff’s success hinges on his acknowledged ability to recognize potential in big ideas and bring them to market through technological innovation and attracting the industry’s finest talent.



  • “Jeff Mann's one of those guys who always has something working it's way through his head. When you talk to him about creative, a client, a presentation, a project or what to have for lunch, you can see it in his eyes. He's always working things out. Jeff is a very skilled creative pro. His design work has a rare visual flare very few creatives I know posses, including me. Jeff has sharp ideas, excellent executions and he knows when an idea is ready, or needs work. That comes with experience, and Jeff has it. He cares enough about the work to put in the time, and cares enough about himself not to be a sucker. I respect that. It's a great combination. His work is amazing, and he's fun to work with. Solid creative. Cool-headed leader. Good guy.”

    Shawn Barry, Owner at Booster Rocket Media
  • “Jeff, thank you for all of your help over the past years. Your work is exceptional, your attitude is great, and you are one of the most creative individuals I have worked with. I look forward to using Method for years to come.”

    Parag Shah, CEO at NewAge Products Inc.
  • “Jeff Mann is a talented "idea man". He took our vision of a business and made it a reality by creating our brand. The materials he created for us served as a tangible foundation upon which our business has been able to grow and succeed.”

    Dr. Luke Winegard, Founder at In Motion: Health Wellness Fitness
  • “Jeff is a true entrepreneur. His passion is contagious and his ideas are inspirational. I have always admired Jeff for his intelligence and entrepreneurial drive. Jeff is going to accomplish a lot of great things in his career. It is so great to see someone who loves what they do, and who is great at it. Anyone who chooses to do business with Jeff is making a good choice. He will deliver.”

    Neil R. Uttamsingh, Commercial Real Estate Agent
  • “Jeff is an incredibly talented and driven creative mind. His ideation process is one of the most flowing and innovative I've ever been a part of. He keeps himself well-informed of developments in marketing and advertising strategies, and has always been ready and willing to be a part of new guerrilla tactics. He balances professional and firm strategies with hip, innovative ideas. His work is some of the best I've seen.”

    Dan Simon, Boarding Buddy at Cuddles & Fetch
  • “I worked with Jeff for several years in both large agency and freelance settings. During this time he demonstrated impressive conceptual flair for solving communications problems and an undeniable excellence in design execution.”

    Greg Brown, Senior Copywriter @ Publicis

Our Portfolio

Some of the best work

RenderLife Inc.

RenderLife.com, is a web-based stock library that brings together 3D designers and their clients to one marketplace that aims to advance the potential of the 3D world.

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Ever Reddy Packaging

High-end printing company with Fortune 500 clients required a rebrand. We handled brand design, site design and brand strategy for their new ownership relaunch.

Continue Reading

NewAge Products

Modern home storage products focused around the garage and patio. We were their marketing department guiding strategic communications, design and advertising during their rapid growth.

Continue Reading

Tuggs Clips

When a serial inventor/entrepreneur wanted to bring his idea to reality, we took the napkin sketch and created a new product, brand and strategic marketing plan.

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BMO • Wall Murals

BMO needed wall murals for their education and training campus. Running 48 feet long, they bring colour and life to an otherwise basic training and cubicle office space.

Continue Reading

DraftFCB • CMA Awards Ad

Advertising giant DraftFCB needed a 3D rendered solution for their self promotion concept for the Canadian Marketing Awards showcasing their creative while using our executions.

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